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Friday, July 31, 2009

Sam Dodson Just Arrested for Driving With A Suspended License

Sam Dodson, prominent civil disobedience activist and a well-known Free Stater who was released recently after serving 58 days in a Keene, New Hampshire Department of Corrections facility for videotaping the lobby of the Keene District Court, has been placed under arrest for driving with a suspended license.

Here's a Qik video of the situation:

Here are the Porc411 message .wavs regarding the incident: msg0056, msg0057

More details are to come as they follow.

[H/T to Bile of for reporting this on Facebook.]

[Cross-posted at The Freeman Chronicles and the Peace, Freedom, and Prosperity Movement website.]

[Update {4:52 p.m. EST): Bile doesn't know if he is really being arrested. After all, he was let out of the cop car at 4:49 p.m.]

[Update (4:53 p.m. EST): Bile says, "It could be a false alarm."]

[Update (4:57 p.m. EST): Bile says, "[T]hey are trying to confirm he has a legit drivers license. They are detaining him till they find out."]

[Update (4:59 p.m. EST): Bile says, "Yup he's been arrested... taking him to the KPD."]

[Update: More details on Sam will follow in the hours to come.]

[Update: This is what Bile says on his blog: "Apparently while leaving the parking deck after his trial Sam was stopped by a Keene Police officer believing he had a suspended drivers license. Sam being unwilling or unable to provide them with a valid license was held till it could be confirmed. About 10 minutes later they decided to take him to the KPD to be booked. That was at approximately 16:50."

[Update (5:52 p.m. EST): Here's another immediate video of his arrest.]*

[Update (6:41 p.m. EST): Nick of writes, "Sam has been released with a summons. More information; including video; will likely be forthcoming throughout the weekend."]

[Update (10:16 p.m. EST): Two other Porc411 calls were put up on a few hours ago: msg0058 and msg0059.]