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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Need to Excommunicate Bill Maher

Limousine left-wing socialist and Obama shill Bill Maher, who is also the host of the highly-rated show Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, went on a rant against Obama last Friday night, excoriating him for not "standing up to the energy companies and corporations" and for not socializing the health care industry like how the comic thinks it ought to be socialized.

What's even just as ridiculous is that a blowhard Huffington Post health writer/blogger named Ann Dunev praised Maher for his criticism of the One, in which she writes in part:

Just yesterday I asked my husband, "Who does Obama think he is -- Lindsay Lohan? Every time I look at the news, there is Obama -- having another Kodak moment." Then I find out Bill Maher noticed the same thing. And had the audacity to mention it on national television.

Aside from the fact that neither Obama nor Maher nor Dunev understand how the marketplace works and how socialized medicine has destroyed lives (and not saved them), their ignorance of the reality of the real world never ceases to befuddle me. They are for welfare for the poor including independent migrants (who, for the most part, pay more than they receive in welfare benefits).

What irks me about Maher is that he continues to labor under the rubric of libertarianism, claiming to be a "libertarian" when he has time after time sullied the word with his socialist nonsense. He's no better than the Neil Boortzes and the Eric Donderos of the world. Thus, it's time to excommunicate him from the Liberty movement....but then, he never was a part of it in the first place.

Here's a video of him on Keith Olbermann's show continuing his criticism of his boy Obama:

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Health Care Socio-Fascism

Americans who support President Obama’s “health care reform” plan involving the creation of a new public “government” insurance plan that would require private companies except for small businesses to provide it ought to be a red flag. As problematic as the corporatized health care system is (and it is, due to decades of never-ending government intervention), it could be in worse shape. However, if Obama, his hero-worshipping limousine leftists, and their collectivistic cronies have their way (and it looks as though it is heading in that direction), the deliberately-misnamed “single payer” health care for which the Democrats ache will come a cropper their way.

My latest and newest op-ed, aptly titled "Health Care Socio-Fascism," is available here at (It will soon be available at the Libertarian Enterprise and is currently being reviewed at the Nolan Chart site.)

[Cross-posted at The Freeman Chronicles and the Peace, Freedom, and Prosperity Movement website.]