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Friday, April 3, 2009

Penn Jillette on Larry King Live: "I Think The President Should Have Much Less Power..."

Libertarian magician/TV personality Penn Jillette was on Larry King Live last night, with leftist talk radio show host Stephanie Miller, leftist Clintonite James Carville, and conservative and former RNC advisor Terry Holt, in which he points out that Obama "should have much less power." Collectivistic liberal Miller rebutts his argument by saying:

STEPHANIE MILLER: Penn, we got to have, you know, help around the world with the War on Terror. I mean, I know, after the Bush administration, it's kind of a low bar for an overseas trip [to London for the G20 Summit]. Uh, as long as, you know, he didn't throw up on someone, uh, chew with his mouth open, or give someone, uh, an unnecessary back rub, I guess we're happy. But, I do think his popularity around the world is really going to help us. You know, I mean, he said something starting for an American president. He said, "I'm gonna listen ... I'm here to listen and not just talk." And I think, I think that's really important.

Jillette responded with the following:

PENN JILLETTE: I was just going to say Bush didn't say the opposite. I mean, it's not, uh, that's not a very profound to thing to just say that you're going to listen. I mean, yes, people like him more. He's better looking, he's a better speaker, and I guess that's okay. But the whole country rallying behind somebody is always a bad idea.

And the following exchange between Miller and Jillette occured, especially given her smug remarks:

MILLER: Listen, Penn, the only people that are in bad shape after George Bush is gone are the people in the effigy business, because he was burned in effigy more times when he went on overseas trips...

JILLETTE: You can't, you can't, you can't I pretend I'm pushing for Bush. I'm not. I'm just saying the President shouldn't have that much power.

Right on, Penn! That statist scumbag Miller, whose demeanor on the show is atypical of a limousine leftist, thinks that the American people shouldn't be exercising individualism whatsoever. And not only that, she claims that we must "have help around the world with the War on Terror." But wait a second! Aren't Democrats for civil liberties? Aren't they for ending the War in Iraq? Aren't they against the War on Terror?

The answers to those questions are no, no, and no. It certainly proves that the Democrats were never against the War in Iraq; they were against Bush's handling of the war, because, had they had the White House for eight years after the attacks of 9/11, they would have launched their own invasion and occupation of Iraq. It proves that they are not for civil liberties, as they are not for releasing the inmates of Guantanamo Bay into civilian custody, even though Obama allegedly ordered an end of the detention center. It also proves that they are not for ending the war in Iraq, despite the fact that Obama claims that military operations will "cease" in Iraq on August 31, 2010.

The fact that Miller takes a hostile position against Jillette shows the Left's hypocritical nature and its vile, repugnant ways.

King himself arrogantly says, "You can be individualistic as much as you like. Someone's gotta think for the masses." Excuse me? Someone's "gotta think for the masses"? This sheeple mentality is indicative of the statist mind, including the limousine leftists like King, Miller, and Carville.

Can someone please remind these clowns that America was founded on the ideals of individual liberty, personality responsiblity, and limited government, not collectivism of the tyrannical kind, protection from personal responsibility, and limitless, out-of-control government?

Watch the video of the chat if you dare:

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Update: I was told by a fellow libertarian (a big LRC'er) that the conservative guest Terry Holt under Penn Jillette "was also okay but not as forceful." He also said that Holt was "more of a conservative" and had embraced "too many of the democrat premises and terms." For once, he's right. The conservative clown seemed to be more in agreement with Carville and Miller than with Jillette, although he did side with Jillette by saying that the government creates a system of "winners and losers" via the tax system. But, as a typical right-winger, he refuses to call for ending the state's control over the individual, especially by ending the federal income tax and other vile, diabolical government machinations.