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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Need to Excommunicate Bill Maher

Limousine left-wing socialist and Obama shill Bill Maher, who is also the host of the highly-rated show Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, went on a rant against Obama last Friday night, excoriating him for not "standing up to the energy companies and corporations" and for not socializing the health care industry like how the comic thinks it ought to be socialized.

What's even just as ridiculous is that a blowhard Huffington Post health writer/blogger named Ann Dunev praised Maher for his criticism of the One, in which she writes in part:

Just yesterday I asked my husband, "Who does Obama think he is -- Lindsay Lohan? Every time I look at the news, there is Obama -- having another Kodak moment." Then I find out Bill Maher noticed the same thing. And had the audacity to mention it on national television.

Aside from the fact that neither Obama nor Maher nor Dunev understand how the marketplace works and how socialized medicine has destroyed lives (and not saved them), their ignorance of the reality of the real world never ceases to befuddle me. They are for welfare for the poor including independent migrants (who, for the most part, pay more than they receive in welfare benefits).

What irks me about Maher is that he continues to labor under the rubric of libertarianism, claiming to be a "libertarian" when he has time after time sullied the word with his socialist nonsense. He's no better than the Neil Boortzes and the Eric Donderos of the world. Thus, it's time to excommunicate him from the Liberty movement....but then, he never was a part of it in the first place.

Here's a video of him on Keith Olbermann's show continuing his criticism of his boy Obama:

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Health Care Socio-Fascism

Americans who support President Obama’s “health care reform” plan involving the creation of a new public “government” insurance plan that would require private companies except for small businesses to provide it ought to be a red flag. As problematic as the corporatized health care system is (and it is, due to decades of never-ending government intervention), it could be in worse shape. However, if Obama, his hero-worshipping limousine leftists, and their collectivistic cronies have their way (and it looks as though it is heading in that direction), the deliberately-misnamed “single payer” health care for which the Democrats ache will come a cropper their way.

My latest and newest op-ed, aptly titled "Health Care Socio-Fascism," is available here at (It will soon be available at the Libertarian Enterprise and is currently being reviewed at the Nolan Chart site.)

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sam Dodson a.k.a. Sam Miller Has Been Released From The State's Cage

Free Stater and journalist Sam Dodson, who also occasionally co-hosts the popular Free Talk Live in Keene, New Hampshire, has been released from jail after he was arrested for videotaping the lobby of the Keene District Court on April 13, 2009. Dodson had been confined to a cage mandated by Judge Burke, the same presiding officer of the Keene District Court who arrested Ian Freeman last November simply for not sitting down fast enough in the courtroom in the beginning of his arraignment on the charge for having a couch on his lawn.

Sam, 33, whose real name is Sam Miller (which was revealed in the Keene Sentinel on May 17* along with information regarding his malnutrition and health), had been languishing away in the Cheshire County Department of Corrections for nearly eight weeks following his arrest. The unexpected news of Dodson's release came out at approximately 2 p.m. EST, thanks to a NHUnderground poster by the name of Silent_Bob who posted on the website's forums that Sam's order "for his release was issued." At 3 p.m. EST, Sam left a message on Porc411, which reads as the following:

Hello free staters! This is SamIam and the jail has just thrown me out. The forced me to agree to PR terms that I’m already in violation of, I told them I did not understand. That I did not agree to them. I did not sign them. I requested my attorney who’s going to be here in 10 minutes. And they pushed me out the door, in the orange close. I guess I get to keep them. And gave me all my stuff. I was escorted out. They would not explain anything or put anything in writing. They were told just to release me and so I’m out of jail. Thank you guys for everybody who’s helped me, sent letters, cards, emails, done all the things you had to do to support me along the way and I’m looking forward to getting back to life and challenging a lot of this in court. Thank you, glad to be out, looking forward to talking all soon. Goodbye.

[*Note: The recorded .wav message that Sam sent was a tad bit shorter than the actual message posted on Bile's blog; here's the file.]

After his release, he was picked up by Free Stater Lauren Canario and brought to the Free Minds TV studio for an exclusive interview. Later that night, he appeared on FTL, resuming his duties as an occasional co-host. His preliminary trial is scheduled to commence at 1:30 p.m. EST at the same court where he was arrested -- Keene District Court in Keene, New Hampshire on June 15.

This is outstanding news, considering that the court had previously violated his First Amendment-protected, Fourth Amendment-protected, Sixth Amendment-protected, and Eighth Amendment-protected rights. After all, it was unconstitutional and federally illegal for Burke to arrest him on the bogus, trumped-up charges of disorderly conduct and possesion of property without a serial number. The only charges that are true but are sticking anyway are resisting arrest or detention and refusing to be processed. Moreover, the court decided to throw in a new charge of "common law criminal contempt of court" against him, simply because he refused to cooperate with his vile, repugnant captors.

I, for one, wouldn't want a law enforcement goon putting his hands on me and cuffing me for any charge, especially when the charges for the alleged crimes happen to be nonviolent. Moreover, why would I want to bow down to the state just to give it my legal name in order "to be processed," when the authorities can access my driver's license and other pertinent information if they wanted to identify me really bad? My real name and identity are on record, and therefore, I am under no legal obligation to give them that information. Besides, if what happened to Sam had happened to me simply because I refused to "participate" in the government's process by playing by their rules in order to acknowledge its legitimacy (which is the best way the system is employing simply as a PR scheme), then it would show how thuggish they were to me. However, even if I did play by a court's rules and recognized its legitimacy simply by giving the officials my legal name, it wouldn't make a difference anyway. Would the court really let me go and not throw me in a cage simply because I "participated" in a process that was coerced upon me at gun point? I sincerely doubt it.

The court officials, including Burke, incarcerated Sam because they wanted to make him an example of him and made certain that they wanted to "be right." It looks like they never got their wish.

As I have said before, courts, even the federal ones, are supposed to be open and transparent under the terms of the Sixth Amendment, yet they are breaking their own rules and expect the public at large to follow them at taxpayers' expense. Courts forbidding the videotaping on their own property are, by all means, creating a toxic environment where closed and tyrannical courts reign. Because Americans are not told the truth about the vile actions of the courts (particularly when there are high numbers of abuses and corruption practiced by judges, prosecutors, and police officers on government-owned and government-run property), the court's image from a PR standpoint will more than likely sit well with the public. As I noted in my previous blog entry on the subject:

Considering the courts are mechanisms for public relations, if the American people see through their PR nonsense, and see them for what they really are (I prefer to call them "prison processing centers"), then the American public could revolt against these statist judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement "government" officers and fight the system at all turns.

I can definitely see a very massive civil rights and civil liberties lawsuit aimed at these stooges being filed shortly, if not the not-too distant future.

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*This is the link to the Keene Sentinel's reporting on Sam's real identity.

[Update (5:51 p.m. EST): Here's Sam's full recording of his cell phone call to Porc411 he made yesterday at 3 p.m. EST]

Monday, June 8, 2009

Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live Leaves Bureaucrash Social

Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live has announced on his popular New Hampshire-based radio show that he has left Bureaucrash Social, the social networking site that, to some extent, mirrors Facebook and Myspace and is run by the neoconservative-plagued Bureaucrash. Freeman announced on tonight's show that he pulled his BC Social account at 4:00 p.m. EST or sometime around that time.

This is on the heels of BC hiring a neoconservative Republican who has assumed control of the organization. Not only that, this comes a week after Freeman and his fellow Free Staters emailed the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), barraging them with complaints for their decision to hire Lee Doren, who has come under fire for not embracing true libertarian principles and for being the hypocrite that he is.

The fall of Bureaucrash continues onward.

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Bureaucrash Social Under "Maintenance"

Bureaucrash Social, the social networking site for Bureaucrash which has taken over by a neoconservative Republican named Lee Doren (despite his claim that he's a "libertarian-conservative," has been deliberately set on "maintenance" to ensure that the group's membership numbers are inflated, the bulk of the incensed membership leaving the group notwithstanding. This has been implemented after the bulk of the membership has emailed the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) in an angry fashion for their ludricous appointment of this neocon nitwit.


We apologize for the inconvenience, but Bureaucrash Social is currently undergoing maintenance.

This is a clear-cut downfall of BC as we know it. It's an utter shame that this has come a cropper.

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[Update 8:16 p.m. EST: Bureaucrash Social is back up now. Anyone who is a member can remove his or her membership from the site.]

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Bureaucrash, which was founded in 2001 by entrepreneur Al Rosenberg and the now-defunct Henry Hazlitt Foundation, has been funded by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) (a long-time libertarian think tank), and was run by former Crasher-in-Chief Jason Talley (who runs the Motorhome Diaries with fellow CEI activist Pete Eyre), has been taken over by a neoconservative Republican. Lee Doren, who is the organization's new Crasher-in-Chief, claims to be a libertarian-conservative (which is ridiculous because the libertarian ideology is a different animal from the conservative one), yet his so-called "libertarian-conservative" positions are not sitting well with the bulk of the group's entire member base.

Since CEI has control of Bureaucrash and has obviously decided to take the organization in this statist direction, this has had a very detrimental effect on the favorable view and reputation that the group has had for years. The bulk of the membership has expressed utter outrage over Doren's appointment to his new position, which has led to many members threatening to bolt from BC if Doren does not either embrace the complete ideologically pure tenets of liberty, step down voluntarily, or is not terminated from that job.

This is what Doren wrote on the front page of BC's official website, even though he wrote a long missive in the form of an intellectually dishonest "mea culpa" from which this message is taken:

Dear Current Members of BureauCrash

Okay, mea culpa. I came in here as the new guy trying to hit the ground running and may have moved too quickly, so I’d like to address the concerns that you have about the future direction of BureauCrash. First, BureauCrash will be an open forum for debate and discussion about the intersection between liberty and politics. Moreover, it will continue to allow all types of pro-liberty political philosophy (and if socialists want to come in here to debate, I’m sure we’ll all be up for that). I am sensitive to the fact that many of you are worried that my personal political views are more from the traditional wing of the liberty movement, but I make no apologies for that. Liberty is a broad concept. I will not be revamping BureauCrash to turn into my own pet project. My goal is to broaden our discussion and activist base while maintaining current ideas and projects. While that task may be difficult, I am sure we can work together to accomplish this goal.

Many BC members have already terminated their Bureaucrash Social (a website which acts as a pro-freedom social networking tool that mirrors Facebook and Myspace in some respects) accounts, while voluntaryists like Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live have already declared that they will be pulling their accounts on Monday. I have already pulled my account from the website, and I no longer wish to be associated with an organization that is transforming from a libertarian one to a conservative one.

Doren, who was on FTL to respond to the questions about his new appointment, was scrutizined by Freeman, co-host Mark Edge, and occasional co-host and cartoonist Dale Everett because of his neoconish positions, which he disguises as "libertarian-conservative." At one point in the interview, Lee, when asked whether the military budget should be cut, says that he doesn't "have an opinion" on the issue. What a ludicrous position to have! This man is the head of a libertarian group, and if he is ever interviewed and gets asked about whether the budget should be reduced dramatically, he should have a position as to whether the budget should be cut or not. But this nitwit has no position on the matter, and, because of CEI's bungling, it shows that he is not a libertarian, let alone an individual who advocates voluntary activism and opposes the state and its bureaucratic nonsense.

It is also indicative of what has become of the libertarian movement, considering there are conservatives like Wayne Allyn Root and Lee Doren who call themselves libertarians when they are not.

This is the problem when libertarianism becomes mainstream. When the libertarian movement and its ideas become mainstreamed into society, they lose their true meaning and their essence. The movement no longer becomes one that has its own autonomy and its own uniqueness; it becomes a political movement that warps and even perverses the purity of its tenets. Thus, the word "libertarian" no longer means an advocate for individual freedom and the elimination of the state; it becomes an advocate for "limited government" (meaning that the government can be what the advocates want it to mean) and the reformation of the state.

As a result of its mainstreaming, when the tent of the movement is widened for people to enter it, then it becomes watered down and sounds not so radical so that interested parties that support the initiation of force will join it. Conservatives who like this new brand of libertarianism (a faux one that it is) will adopt it and dupe ill-informed and unwitting members of society to believe that, because, if these people believe in this brand of liberty, then all advocates of human freedom must share these beliefs as well.

The reason that they would see it that way is that human beings are irrational creatures, thanks to human nature. They make irrational and illogical associations all the time. This is the reason why the libertarian philosophy must be guarded and protected at all times!!! This is not about making personal attacks on conservatives and neoconservatives and their ilk; this is about protecting the libertarianism from bigotry, jingoism, nationalism, xenophobia, collectivism, and even statism.

As for Bureaucrash, I doubt that there is any chance of saving the group from itself or bringing it back to its glory days. I'm convinced that the second BC ventured into neocon territory, it was over for the group as a libertarian organization. The odds of restoring and rescuing it from implosion are little to nil. After all, as Pete Eyre of Motorhome Diaries said on the Peace, Freedom, and Prosperity Movement Radio show on on Friday, June 5, 2009:

You ask the last thing, 'What can it be done to resurrect Bureaucrash?' I mean, personally, I don't think Bureaucrash can be resurrected as it was. I think the move by CEI has just made it too radioactive. Even if Lee was fired or he chose to leave and they brought in somebody good, like I think the damage is done.

Dale Everett said it best on his blog:

Sadly, the organization is not likely to simply fade away. Instead, by embracing the mainstream, it will probably grow, but it will have lost the edge that made it a special place for principled lovers of liberty. For now, it has chosen a quantity over quality approach when it comes to members, which I feel is very short-sighted, but then that depends on the goals of the owners. If their only goal is to grow membership, then perhaps they have chosen well. I just hope they have more meaningful goals than that.

If this new direction is not quickly changed, Bureaucrash will lose quite a few supporters, including Ian Freeman, host of Free Talk Live, and myself. I do not want Mr. Doren wielding the voice of Bureaucrash to distort the already diluted meaning of the word “libertarian”. If this mistake isn’t nipped in the bud, it is my opinion that Bureaucrash goes far beyond becoming unworthy of your support. They become an enemy.

The tragedy of it is that Bureaucrash has been "bureaucrashed." What a loss to the libertarian movement this has become!

For those of you who want to know what Lee Doren looks like and is like, check out this YouTube video I got from Everett's blog:

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