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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sixth and Final Ballot Results: Bob Barr is the Presidential Nominee

Here are the sixth and final ballot results from the Denver convention:

Bob Barr 324
Mary Ruwart 276

What a sad day! The collectivists have completely hijacked and destroyed the LP. The LP has now completed its transformation from a Party of Principle to a Party of Backroom Dealing and Opportunism.

As of today, just minutes before the last results were posted, I had decided to bolt from the LP. I left a message with Susan Dickson at the LP National Headquarters, saying that I want to "revoke my membership" with the LP and that I "no longer wish to be a member."

As of today, I have revoked the Pledge and my membership. The LP has died a long death. Goodbye, LP!

It was nice knowing you while it lasted.

All isn't lost. The Free State Project will pick up where the LP left off. Fortunately, I am a member of that organization and will be for many years to come.

R.I.P., Libertarian Party! Rest in peace.

Fifth Ballot Results from Denver

Here are the fifth ballot results from the Denver convention:

Ruwart 229
Barr 223
Root 165

Root will be dropped on the sixth and final ballot. Even though they must get a majority of the delegates to give the nomination to the nominee, "none of the above" and write-ins are welcomed. They are only two candidates left - Ruwart and Barr.

Root has just addressed the delegates and threw in his support for Bob Barr.

Fouth Ballot Results from Denver

Here are the fourth ballot results from the Denver convention:

Barr 202
Ruwart 202
Root 149
Gravel 76

Gravel was just dropped from the next unprecedented fifth ballot.

Third Ballot Results from Denver

Here are the third ballot results from the Denver convention:

Barr 186
Ruwart 186
Root 146
Gravel 76
Phillies 31

George Phillies was dropped from the next ballot. Interestingly enough, he didn't endorse anyone.

Second Ballot Results from Denver

Here are the second ballot results from the Denver convention:

Barr: 188
Ruwart 162
Root 138
Gravel 71
Phillies 36
Kubby 32

Kubby was eliminated on the next ballot. He was also a stand-up guy because he threw in his support for Ruwart.

First Ballot of Presidential Nominee

Here are the first ballot results coming from the voting floor at the Denver convention:

Barr 153 (24%)
Ruwart 152 (24%)
Root 123 (20%)
Gravel 71 (11%)
Phillies 49 (8%)
Kubby 40 (6%)
Jingozian 23 (4%)
Smith 6 (1%)
Ron Paul 6
William Colon 1
Penn Jillette 3
Daniel Imperato 1

Christine Smith and Mike Jingozian were dropped from future ballots because they didn't get 5 percent of the delegates' vote to remain on the ballot.

Smith, angry that she was dropped from the ballot, gave an anti-Bob Barr rant to the local media in Denver.

The IPR's Debate Poll

According to the Independent Political Report, the following poll that was posted in response to last night's debate (which was, once again, terrible, IMHO, although the candidates did a fabulous job) shows the outcome like this:

Bob Barr - 29 votes (27%)
Steve Kubby - 27 votes (25%)
Mary Ruwart - 22 votes (21%)
Mike Gravel - 16 votes (15%)
Wayne Root - 7 votes (7%)
George Phillies - 4 votes (4%)
Michael Jingozian - 1 vote (1%)

LP Presidential Speeches at the Denver Convention

The LP presidential speeches that were given within the first 90 minutes of the presidential nomination process were interesting. Everyone, from lackeys supporting Bob Barr to partisans supporting Steve Kubby, went to the podium while being televised on C-Span and giving their clear-cut endorsements.

I'm seeing Barr, Root, and Gravel supporters bandying about their rhetoric just trying to amass last minute support from supporters from other candidates. Mary Ruwart seems to be on the floor talking to her supporters and potential supporters as well.

The convention floor is busy, with other candidates going about talking to other supporters of candidates, asking for their support and vote. It's a huge zoo on the floor, and it's going to be interesting to see who wins and who loses in the final round.