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Sunday, September 14, 2008

LNC Rejects "Snubgate"

The Libertarian National Committee (LNC) has rejected to remove Bob Barr from its presidential ticket. Apparently this latest story, which broke on IPR tonight and serves as a response to "Snubgate," pertains to the grassroots move to eliminate Barr from the ticket. However, not a single member of the 17-member body was willing to make a motion to vote on it.

Interestingly enough, LNC At-Large Representative Mary Ruwart (who ran for president on the LP's ticket this year and lost to Barr) presented her resolution calling for Barr to "apologize" to Dr. Ron Paul. LNC Treasurer Aaron Starr, who's leading the "pro-Barr faction," counters that with a resolution of his own -- one that berates Paul, simply because Ron didn't hand his endorsement to Barr and is responsible for "splitting the Freedom Movement."

Neither resolution passed, simply due to a lack of adequate votes.

[H/T to IPR for making this report available.]


George Dance said...

Well, you have to admit it was a ridiculous idea. Getting Ron Paul's endorsement would have been nice, and all - it could have brought in up to 250,000 votes. But throwing the nominee off the ticket, just 60 days before the election, would not have significantly helped that. Even if Mary Ruwart had stepped up, and Ron Paul had endorsed her, the effect on the campaign would have still been disastrous. (For one thing, all the existing campaign material would have had to be scrapped and replaced; for another, fundingraising would have had to start over from scratch.)

So much for letting the Boston Tea Party dictate the Libertarian Party's election strategy -- in itself, as silly an idea as having the Republicans dictate the Democrats' campaign strategy.