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Friday, August 22, 2008

MIA For The Weekend Because It's My Fiancee's Birthday

I will be MIA for the weekend until either Monday afternoon or Monday night (or possibly Tuesday) because it's my fiancee Beckie's birthday. She will be turning 25. Although not a pure libertarian, she has libertarian-minded views and is pleased that her fiance and loving honey will be there to celebrate her birthday with her.

Please, if you can and like, send some kind pro-liberty birthday messages to her. I know she will love and appreciate them.

See you guys until either Monday or Tuesday, whichever comes first.


Rebecca said...

awwwwww thank you very much honey! Now the world knows that Im old, lol j/k. I love you. Have a safe trip home & call me when you get home, leave a voicemail on my cell cause I'll probably be asleep :)