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Monday, May 5, 2008

The World's Youngest Drummer

Check out this 3-year-old Detroit boy who's been heralded as one of the world's youngest drummer. According to the Detroit News, the kid who has a 20-pierce custom drum set jams with a number of various musicians and well-known session players.
Go check out the videos of the kid in action.

What's exciting about this kid is that, at the age of 3 months, Julian Pavone started drumming while he was in his dad's baby sling, began to do drum rolls at the age of 9 months, landed his first contract gig at 15 months of age, and has performed at the House of Blues.

'He plays like a 30-year-old with such precision, definition and focus that it's incredible,' said Grammy Award-winning guitarist and producer Michael J. Powell.

Julian, dubbed the world's youngest drummer on his Web site,, gained national recognition for his skills at age 2 and will be featured next Monday on 'Oprah,' along with other extraordinary children.

'Playing the drums is so cool,' Julian said, grinning at his proud father, Bernadino Pavone, before slowing things down with Journey's 'Lights.'

It gets even better:

'You can tell he has a passion for it because he's never forced to play. He's always asking to get on the drums,' said Powell, who's producing and network-shopping a reality television show called 'Finding Julian's Band.'

...'He's a little too young to read music, so we're developing his ear for music, which is a great skill for any musician,' said music teacher Francesco Cavallini of the Flint Institute of Music. 'If you can't really hear music, you're just a robot when you play. We're working on rhythms and from there it will be melodies.'

'He's truly a brilliant kid because he can pick up the most difficult passages of music. When I first played with him at 19 months he was playing a 7/4 rhythm, which is seven beats a measure, and then started subdividing it. That's something most young musicians can't do,' added [Ralphe] Armstrong, a Detroit native who jammed with Julian and Powell earlier in the day.

What an incredible child! Here's a piece on his family.