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Thursday, May 1, 2008

NJ Considers "Sin Tax" on Fast Food

Busybodies in the New Jersey legislature are pondering over a proposal to enact a "sin tax" on fast food, because the state's hospitals are allegedly bleeding funds.

New Jersey Democratic Governor John Corzine said that the tax "could be an option to help struggling hospitals." Corzine called the idea "a constructive suggestion." Yeah, right. Translation: needed government control.

A spokesman for Corzine went on record with the New Jersey press with the following:

'The governor is open to reasonable solutions to help solve our financing problems, but there are no plans for any fast food tax.'

One Republican state legislator, Sen. Richard Codey, likens it to "a tax on the poor." I couldn't agree more.

Rather than pushing for a "sin tax," these evil collectivists need to leave these people alone and the legislature as well. That even goes for all the state legislatures and Congress as well. We don't need these people controlling our lives 24/7.

These statist actions prove my point: government is a bane, not a boon, in our lives. We need a real free market once and for all.