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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Christine Smith: Mary Ruwart "Is An Anarchist" And "Lives In A Fantasy World"

LP presidential contender Christine Smith launched a despicable and repugnant attack on Mary Ruwart over her alleged support of child pornography on the internet talk radio show SPOX Listen to the show here.

Smith's attack on Ruwart basically comprises a great deal of crud that you expect from a LINO presidential candidate. Smith:

  • Calls Ruwart "an anarchist";

  • Says that Ruwart "lives in a fantasy world";

  • Defends LP National Executive Director Shane Corey's press release on child pornography, saying that Corey "didn't overstep his bounds";

  • Shoddily defines her view of the proper role of government;

  • Calls Wayne Allyn Root a neocon and takes a potshot at his support of John McCain and Joe Lieberman;

  • AND

  • Notes Greens running as Libertarians on the party's banner

Because of her collectivistic attack on Mary Ruwart, she WILL NOT be securing the Party delegates' votes on the week of May 22 (which is coming up fast).