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Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Bachelor-Turned-Soldier Wants You to Serve Your "Country" -- Ahem, Government

Lieutenant Andrew Baldwin, a Navy recruiter who's also a former star of The Bachelor, appeared on America's Election Headquarters, one of the pro-war, pro-military news shows on Fox News, today to talk about recruiting Americans into the military, specifically the U.S. Navy. Baldwin, clad in his black tie and blue Navy uniform, said to host Brett Baier that he was there to tell people about the "best deal going these days" -- that is, naval medicine. He said, "Navy medicine is, like, one of the best things you can do, in terms of financially, job security, opportunity, adventure, and ultimately being a service to your country and humanity."

He then went on to say that, while doing The Bachelor, he thought the Navy "was great" and that he "did [his] best to put [his] best foot forward" for the service. He praised the Navy, saying that joining it was the "best decision" he ever made. Apparently, his opportunity "enabled [him] to go to college," considering "[he] grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania." He furthers notes, "It nabled me to go to UCSF Medical School, and come out debt free, and really have experiences throughout the world that you couldn't have in the civilian sector."

Of course, the nice touchy-feely, couched pro-war, pro-military spiel sounded nice to the ears, but the rhetoric didn't get my blood boiling, nor did it bolster any excitement for me. All it did was that it reinforced the fact that the American Empire and its Military Industrial Complex were employing its government propaganda-laden news network to energize massive pro-government and pro-Big Military support for the military, especially during wartime.

While Baldwin and his pro-Big Military, pro-war cronies can rest on their laurels and take delight in their recruiting efforts, Bush and his cronies are racking up the civilian and soldier body count in Iraq.

Here's the video here: