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Friday, March 7, 2008

Ron Paul Drops Out of the Race

Ron Paul has decided to drop out of the race entirely. In his latest campaign report video (a running time of seven-and-a-half minutes long) issued directly to his supporters, Ron acknowledged that his campaign to run as a GOP candidate failed to secure the votes needed for the party nomination.

Although I'm not surprised that this has transpired, it was not unexpected either. Quite frankly, it was bound to happen, whether many of the supporters wanted it to happen or not.

Ron has certainly done a lot of good for the libertarian movement but the recent scathing events surrounding his campaign (the infamous newsletter scandal, for instance, which was stirred up in great part by the infamous New Republic piece by Rudy Ghouliani supporter James Kirchick) have also helped play a hand in sulling and marring the libertarian movement. That, and the stirring and scathing allegation prompted by Reason writers Julian Sanchez and Dave Weigel showcasing that prominent libertarian author, columnist, and blogger Lew Rockwell was the author of the newsletters tarnished the squeaky-clean image of the campaign as well.

I will offer a very thorough, objective (well, as objective as I can possibly be) analysis of the Ron Paul 2008: Hope for America campaign in the next day or so. I will be outlining the pros and cons of the campaign, along with the good and bad baggage that was attached to it.


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