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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hurricane Katrina Homeowners Still Awaiting Government Reconstruction Checks

Irate Hurricane Katrina homeowners have yet to receive their rebuilding checks from the Leviathan. What's worse is that a government-subsidized, government-colluded "private" firm is the one carrying the contract for the subsidies and is a proud member of economic fascism/state capitalism.

Check out the excerpt from the article, as it will make you very queasy:

NEW ORLEANS - Two-and-a-half years after Hurricane Katrina, tens of thousands of miserable homeowners are still waiting for their government rebuilding checks, and many complain they can’t even get their calls returned. But the company that holds the big contract to distribute the aid is doing quite well for itself.

ICF International of Fairfax, Va., has posted strong profits, gone public, landed additional multimillion-dollar government contracts, and, it was learned this week, secured a potentially big raise recently from the state of Louisiana.

In the waning days of Gov. Kathleen Blanco’s administration, state officials increased the management contract ceiling from $756 million to $914 million — this, after the Legislature wanted to fire ICF over its handling of the homeowner recovery program, called Road Home.

'I’m flabbergasted that this company could be so inefficient and could mess up so consistently and for so long,' said Bill Yurt, 57, who has been living in a FEMA trailer for 2½ years.

He said ICF hasn’t sent an appraiser to determine the grant amount that will resurrect his gutted house in Gentilly. And his calls to an ICF caseworker have gone unreturned for a month.

Update: I forgot to mention here that the Katrina victims, who should have known better to buy homes in those high-risk areas of those affected neighborhoods, should be angry at themselves for being a part of the welfarism itself and supporting the economic fascistic/state capitalist model devised and engineered by the U.S. federal government.