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Monday, March 17, 2008

The Daily Show Smears and Berates Berkeley

The Daily Show basically smears and berates the Berkeley Left for their opposition to the War in Iraq. I happen to side with the Left on this issue, of course. In the early part of the segment, an aged hippie is being characterized as an idiot for his statement that the Marines are "recruiting people for mass murder." He also says, "The Marines train people to kill people. The Marines are not moral influenced."

Of course, he's absolutely and completely right on this, considering the Marines haven't been employed for any actual defense of this country for decades.

Interestingly enough, one of the street vendors, by the way, happens to be a Communist pinko, yet he seems like a nice and good guy.

This is a clear-cut and obvious indication that the national political climate has sunken to its lowest levels when America's most socialist town, in contrast with the mainstream media (MSM) and the Daily Show, looks pretty sane. And a libertarian would hardly have anything to object to it.

One pacificistic pinko lady on the street truly believes that a world without weapons would somehow end wars (especially war crimes), but that idea is a fallacy. I oppose the idea, simply because crime rates will, all things being equal, most likely go up in the absence of weapons, not because of them. (After all, I'm pro-Second Amendment, whereas these pacifists absolutely oppose that amendment to the Bill of Rights.)

Undoubtedly, I concur with Lew Rockwell blogger Anthony Gregory that the pacificistic lady shouldn't have hesitated on the question of whether getting rid of police would have "eliminated crime." After all, abolishing the police would reduce crime on the streets.

All in all, the DS segment was funny yet disturbing, given the unsavory political climate under which we all labor. However, unfortunately, Berkeley is extrememly too far right on the police state.