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Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Ron Paul Revolution Changing America?'s very own Michael Scherer on the Ron Paul Revolutionaries converging in Manchester, New Hampshire from all over the country.

Ron Paul Appearing in Manchester, New Hampshire

The New Ron Paul Movie

Here's the new one-hour, 17-minute video on Ron that's now available to watch at Google Video. It's quite good, to be honest.

Here it is:

Big Brother to Voters: 'Don't Vote for Ron Paul'

Big Brother is reaching out to the voters, urging them not to throw their vote to Ron.

Here's the video to prove it:

'Christmas in Fallujah'

Check out this video showcasing Cass Dillon performing his great -- not to mention incredible -- anti-war song as a Christmas treat for the troops in Fallujah. Listen carefully to the chorus though:

Ron Paul: A Grand Slam

Ron's interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN:

The Reading of the Votes, Virginia Straw Poll on December 1, 2007

The Ron Paul Revolution in full swing, as shown in this clip.