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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Backstage Experience with Ron Paul on the Set of the View

This piece by Z. Byron Wolf, who was in the backstage with Ron Paul for his appearance on "The View," is quite compelling and incredible.

Here's an excerpt from ABC News:

Told that a "View" co-host would ask him about China, Paul said, "China? Did something happen overnight in China? I would have guessed they would ask about Iran and the intelligence report," he said.

Paul has long been a critic of the Bush administration's foreign policy. At that moment the president was giving a news conference at which, despite evidence that Iran has abandoned its nuclear weapons program, he would not rule out a military strike against the Islamic country.

Paul considered China and what "The View" women could be preparing to ask him. Something about the dollar and how its weakening? His support for trade relationships? His aversion to economic sanctions? Lead in toys?