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Sunday, November 25, 2007

The State's Torture and Abuse of 'Girls Gone Wild' Founder Joe Francis

It is terribly disgusting to see how low this diabolical, vile state has to go in order to coerce the incarcerated accused into admitting to a tax evasion charge. This heinous act is in the form of torture and abuse, which is what Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis has alleged against his jailers.

Francis contends that his captors refused to give him blankets and food and had him strapped to a chair for 48 hours during his short stay in the Grady County Law Enforcement Center in Oklahoma. Unsurprisingly, state prison officials are denying the incident in question, claiming that the prison guards never tied him to the chair and denied him food and blankets. They also note that Francis did have an extra blanket in his possession -- one that, according to them, he shouldn't have it in the first place -- and his transfer was delayed because his family discovered the schedule of his move (an act that they claim is a "potential security risk").

Adding insult to injury, a few years ago Francis was arrested in Florida and charged with filming topless underage girls, except that the charge had been found to be bogus. The gals who appeared in the videos apparently lied about their ages (claiming to be 18), and the states' goons tried to go after him on drug trafficking and child pornography charges. They were later thrown out because the judge ruled that the 200 hours of videotaped evidence and other key pieces of evidence didn't "support the allegations."

Of course, Francis and his company Mantra Films were, at one point, being accused of fraud and deceptive marketing practices by falsely advertising to consumers that they were only purchasing a video or DVD and shipped unordered videos and DVDs to their customers without their consent. The federal goons went after him via a court order, mandating that they pay back all the shipping fees "as consumer redress," pay a $500,000 civil pentalty fee, and be barred from a litany of activities addressed in a Justice Department filing on behalf of the Federal Trade Commission. I have no idea if the company actually did this, but the government shouldn't have gone after Mantra Films over the matter. If anything, the consumers could have taken the company to court and demand restitution from the company if they felt Francis snookered them into a deal to which they didn't agree in the first place. Nevertheless, the company was strong armed into agreeing to it, but the move empowered the state to do whatever it wanted, falsely in the name of consumer protection.

The fact that the federal and state goons have total control over our lives and prosecute and convict us on the slightest pretext, as well as charge us with tax evasion, sex offense, and other non-violent crimes, just shows that we are living under a tyrannical, totalitarian, and brutal regime. If it can happen to Joe Francis, it can happen to all and any one of us at any time.

While I personally don't like Joe Francis (the man is an arrogant jerk, not to mention an opportunist), the man has committed no crimes with regards to his tax evasion case. The fact that the state is claiming that he has robbed it of its right to the fruits of his labor that he earned is preposterous. It's the state that has stolen his money from him (as it has done to all of us); it's not the other way around.

The fact that many people opine that he's gotten what he's deserved in prison (in reference to the torture and abuse done to him by his criminal captors) shows that these individuals are sick and see the state as a deity to worship without question.


Silent Vampyre said...

man! can't a guy just sell some porn?