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Monday, November 26, 2007

Ron Paul Supporter Taco John Sets the Record Straight on False News on Ron's Campaign

Ron Paul supporter Taco John, a.k.a. Issac Lopez, was interviewed by the War Street Journal, which turned its story on Paul into a hit piece on the Ron Paul Revolution as well as the campaign itself.

As Lopez explained it recently:

I got a PM the day after 11/5 from a reporter from the WSJ saying she wanted to talk with me about online campaigning. We connected, and when we spoke, she sounded very sympathetic, like she understood that there was a lot of unfairness in the media with how we are being treated. About halfway through the call, when Huckabee's name came up, she started to get a bit defensive and thus put me on the defense. I then had the feeling that this was going to be a smear peice.

Apparently she thought it was "extreme" for us to be going around and finding contact information for the reporters and public commentators who were out there painting a negative picture about Dr. Paul, and his chances to become president. So she used a post that I made trying to rally the troops to fight the slander to make all Ron Paul supporters look off their rockers.

In any case, I got a call this morning from Fox Business News. They want to have me in studio to discuss (supposedly) the phenomenon of online campaigning. It actually sounds legit, because they have me on opposite of Andrew Saeij of Tech President and

I expect to be going on to talk about the concept of a decentralized campaign and why no other candidate "gets it" when it comes to online campaigning. They assured me that this wasn't going to be a contentious peice, and that the host might play a little devil's advocate, but that I'm not going on to be smeared. So that probably tells me that I should expect to be smeared (cynic that I am).

Taco John then appeared on False News to talk about the reasons for the Ron Paul campaign's rise to national prominence. He even did a phenomenal job defending Paul and the entire Revolution on False News, and, at the same time, refused to let the host marginalize or misrepresent the campaign's devout supporters.

Taco John on Fox Business News Part 1:

Taco John on Fox Business News Part 2: