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Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Brothel Owner for Ron Paul

An owner of a Nevada brothel has publicly declared his support for Ron Paul. The interesting thing about it is that he credits his friend MSNBC Tucker host and conservative pundit Tucker Carlson for his interest in the Texan congressman.

Take a gander at an excerpt of the article on this development:

Perhaps nothing better exemplifies the libertarian streak that runs through Nevada than the state's permissive policy on prostitution -- the ultimate expression of the live-and-let-live philosophy.

So, it should be no surprise that the presidential candidate with the purest libertarian bona fides picked up some X-rated support while campaigning in Reno last week.

To be more explicit, Nevada brothel owner Dennis Hof declared his support for Republican contender Ron Paul during Paul's campaign swing through the state.

The odd thing about it, however, is that it came about with the help of television news personality Tucker Carlson.

Carlson, who hosts the show 'Tucker' on MSNBC, is traveling with Paul for a magazine article he is writing.

'Dennis Hof is a good friend of mine, so when we got to Nevada, I decided to call him up and see if he wanted to come check this guy out,' Carlson said.

Paul spokesman Jeff Greenspan said Paul's campaign were surprised to see Carlson emerge from a limousine with Hof and two of his celebrity prostitutes to attend the morning's news conference at Lawlor Events Center.

Following the news conference, Hof said he was so impressed that he wanted to start raising money for Paul.

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Silent Vampyre said...

The vast spectrum of supporters for Ron Paul just amazes me. How could this not be a good thing? RON PAUL IS THE BEST THING THIS COUNTRY HAS SEEN SINCE THE DECLARATION OF FREEDOM AND THE CONSTITUTION ITSELF!