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Monday, July 30, 2007

Michigan GOP Bill to Stop State's Income Tax Credit

A new piece of legislation by Michigan lawmakers would delay the state's new earned income tax credit unless the state discovered a way to churn out revenues of at least $250 million. In other words, Michigan GOP lawmakers are pulling a bait and switch on taxpayers, businesses, and voters simply by slapping a new tax to raise the $250 million revenue stream in order to pass the new tax subsidy program. To put a fine point on it, it's either their way or the highway.

Republicans who have historically claimed to be anti-tax, anti-regulation, anti-welfare state, and pro-free market really have a spotty record when it comes to that rhetoric. They constantly pay lip service to cutting taxes, but in their own deluded way, they can't justifiably make a valid argument to boost spending.

At least Democrats admit that they're socialist. At least they're not arrogant about the Republicans are.