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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Anonymous Troll Sends Me A Snotty Crack Because of My Ron Paul Post

An anonymous e-mailer responds to my "Ron Paul Caught Selling Out The Liberty Movement In Favor of Neo-Con Lamar Smith's Endorsement for His Re-Election Campaign" post today. He sends his comment directly to my Gmail account via Blogger's Anonymous feature, attacking me for essentially reporting on Paul's deal with Smith and my subsequent comments (which are at the bottom of the same post) that condemn and reject Paul's decision to support a Neo-Con candidate who is diametrically opposed to everything for which he stands.

This is what the anonymous e-mailer wrote to me in private:

Such impressive investigative journalism from a fat kid living in his mom's basement. I'm glad the comments here are reflective of how the world feels about your idiocy.

This e-mailer appears to be a bully who obviously has the following ulterior motives:

  • He's (or she's) merely interested in leveling ad hominems at me for the purpose of intimidation and because he (or she) is most likely holding both a personal and political grudge against me. (Fortunately, this nutjob hasn't tried to make any threats [including death threats] against me, but I will be on the lookout for them.)
  • He (or she) is someone closely associated with the Ron Paul movement, who is cowardly enough not to reveal his (or her) true identity and, although he (or she) hasn't used them yet, is looking to employ scare tactics to shut me up over the nasty fall-out that ensued after John Bush's video was released on YouTube, was posted on Facebook, and became the subject of my blog post on the Web.
  • He (or she) has been following my blog for quite some time (exactly to what extent and for what purpose is unknown).
  • He (or she) has been reading my comments quite extensively on the subject. Whether he (or she) has any ties to the persons who leveled the nasty comments to me under the blog post is (and remains) unclear; however, it is obvious that I pissed off someone who is a Ron Paul religionist and views me as a significant problem in the movement.

Ron Paul pundits who have been (or are) victims of these levels of attacks should take note of this. While they are at it, they should contact me in private and ask me if they had experienced any problems like the one I describe.